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    i n t e g r a t i v e t h e r a p y


    Integrative healing sessions with Elisa embrace a combination of CranioSacral therapy, Qi Massage and Spiritual Wellness. It's a journey into your body where we listen to the stories of your body, intellect, and wisdom; bring back the message from your deepest self to integrate and heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


    body/mind alignment - balancing Qi flow

    increase your sense of relaxation

    change behaviour patterns - shift psychological issues

    resolve family karma - spiritual cleansing

    receive intuitive guidance to move forward



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    release physical restrictions



    chronic pain - motor impairment - head/neck/back aches

    insomnia - digestion - tension/stress - addiction

    pre and post-partum work - TMJ -

    neurological imbalances